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International Access Codes

EQ shareowners outside the United States can call Shareowner Services toll free.

We now offer an easier to use International dialing service.

You can call directly from many countries using a single toll-free number. Some countries have unique access codes. Please use the table below for dialing instructions for the country you wish to call from.

Shareowners calling from Canada or U.S. Virgin Islands can dial EQ Shareowner Services directly at 1-800- 468-9716.


  1. Dial the Verizon International Access Code (see table below) for the country from which you are calling.
  2. If you do not find the country listed below, or if you are having difficulties, please call us directly at 651-450-4064.
Country Access Code Notes
Anguilla 011-800-04689716
Antigua 00-800-04689716
  • No access from payphones unless it is a public card payphone
Argentina 00-800-04689716
Australia 0011-800-04689716
  • Some public phones take coins, some phone cards and some credit cards or a combination of each of these.
Austria 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked. Some payphones require a coin deposit, which is refunded at the end of the call.
Bahamas 1-800-468-9716
Barbados 1-800-04689716
Belgium 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile & payphone blocked.
Bermuda 1-800-04689716
Brazil 0021-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked. Service is not available from all payphones.
British Virgin Islands 1-800-04689716
Chile 1230-020-0275
  • Mobile blocked. May not be available from all payphones.
Cayman Islands 1-800-04689716
China 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile origination blocked by in-country carriers.
Colombia 009-800-04689716
  • Service is available via payphones, however, owners may assess an additional per minute charge.
Czech Republic 00-800-04689716
Denmark 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked.
Dominica Island 00-800-04689716
Dominican Republic 1-888-751-9321
  • Non refundable coin deposit required from payphones.
Estonia 00-800-04689716
Finland 990-800-04689716
  • Payphones blocked.
France 00-800-04689716
  • (Includes Monaco and Corsica). A coin deposit is required for payphones, which is refunded at the end of the call.
Germany 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile & payphone blocked.
Grenada 00-800-04689716
  • Prepaid cards are not allowed. Not available from all phones.
Greece 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked. Access not available from all payphones.
Hong Kong 001-800-04689716
  • Calls are free for calls from local carrier payphones. Private payphones may incur charges or access may be limited.
Hungary 00-800-04689716
  • Public phones may require deposit of coin or phone card for dial tone.
Iceland 00-800-04689716
Indonesia 007-803-011-0808
  • Mobile & payphone blocked.
Ireland 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile & payphone blocked.
Israel 014-800-04689716
  • Payphones are charged 1 unit. Card must be inserted to place call. Cards available in post offices and airports.
Italy 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile & payphone blocked. Coverage includes San Marino and Vatican City.
India 000-8000016659
  • Coverage limited to Barthi and Reliance's Network. Payphones blocked.
Japan 0061-800-04689716 (Softbank), 0033-800-04689716 (NTT) 001-800-04689716 (KDDI)
  • Mobile blocked. Some payphones may require a coin deposit.
Korea (South Korea) 001-800-04689716 (KT) 002-800-04689716 (DACOM)
  • Payphones: 300 WON, returned after calling, or push red button.
Latvia 00-800-04689716
Lithuania 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked.
Luxembourg 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked.
Malaysia 00-800-04689716
  • Non-refundable coin deposit required from payphones. Mobile access not available.
Montserrat 1-800-04689716
Mexico 001-800-468-9716
  • Access not available from all payphones. (Telmex is unable to provide payphone access.)
Netherlands 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked. No access from payphones and limited access from hotels.
New Zealand 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile & payphone blocked.
Nicaragua 001-800-2202137
Norway 00-800-04689716
  • Non refundable coin deposit required from payphones.
Netherlands Antilles 001-800-468-9716
  • Service available from hotels, payphones & ports of entry. There is a per call surcharge for the person originating the call. Surcharge also applies to payphones.
Panama 00-800-04689716 or 011-800-04689716
Peru 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked.
Philippines 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked.
Poland 00-800-04689716
  • Phone card required for payphone access.
Portugal (Includes Azores & Madeira Islands) 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked.
Russia 810-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked. Payphones available from Rostelecom payphones only.
Singapore 001-800-04689716
  • Public phones may require deposit of coin or phone card for dial tone.
Slovak 00-800-04689716
Slovenia 00-800-04689716
South Africa 09-800-04689716
Spain 00-800-04689716
  • Payphones available only from Telefonica payphones.
St. Kitts & Nevis 1-800-04689716
St. Vincent 1-800-04689716
Sweden 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile blocked. Coin deposit is required for payphones.
Switzerland 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile & Payphone are blocked by PTT.
Trinidad & Tobago 1-800-468-9716
Taiwan 00-800-04689716
  • Calling cards application not allowed. Payphones may require deposit of coin or phone card for dial tone.
Thailand 001-800-04689716
  • Payphones blocked. Limited access in country.
Turks & Caicos 1-800-04689716
United Kingdom 00-800-04689716
Uruguay 00-800-04689716
  • Mobile access from Ancel only.
Venezuela 0800-100-2724
Vietnam 120-11528